POS2020 features

Feature-rich Secured Point Of Sale (POS) System

  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Easy Access
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Wide Array of Reports
  • Online/Offline Mode
  • Secure Payment Management

Integrated Credit Card Processing

  • Fast, Efficient & Secure Processing
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction with safer, reliable service
  • PCI Compliant Integrated Devices
  • State if the art devices

iPhone/Android Live Sales Data

  • Business on the Go!
  • Live Sales Data at your fingertips
  • Live X, Z Reports
  • Inventory update from Mobile Device

Online Account Accessibility

  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Sales Reports
  • View Top Selling Items Of the Day
  • Brilliant Support Videos
  • Sales Charts

Wide Range of Reports

While all POS systems give you sales data to some degree, the capabilities and clarity of a system’s reporting platform are not all created equally. Your POS system should be able to generate detailed sales reports that not only identify your best selling items and returns, but record margins and measure the effectiveness of your pricing.

Quality Hardware

  • Highly durable, secure and State-of-the-Art hardware
  • Exceeds functional requirements
  • East to use peripherals enhancing your environment
  • Elegant and ergonomically designed hardware

POS2020 Point Of Sale System

Hardware + Software + Payment Processing + Services + Mobile Solution

Point-of-sale and inventory management software, and you'll experience total control - from maximizing sales to inventory.

Retail stores, need software with an easy to use point of sale interface that speeds customers through and provides all necessary sales functions. POS2020 do, however, have a number of special requirements. POS2020 covers those general functions everybody needs and is packed with extra features just for stores.


  1. Easy access to product information. Never again run to check a QOH. It's all there at the register - pricing, quantity and deposit information!
  2. Integrated credit card processing.
  3. Mange your quick item with text and picture.
  4. Easy to do cash in, paid out
  5. Individual settings for each register.
  6. On screen price checking.
  7. Automated and manual discounts for single and grouped items.
  8. Process bottle deposits on sales and deposit returns too!
  9. Multi-pack items. Other point of sale packages has trouble dealing with wine and beer especially. With POS2020, however you're selling an item (case, 12 packs, 6 packs or single) the software can handle it all and keep your inventory accurate!
  10. Easy to manage Lot Matrix item.
  11. Detailed, customizable receipts.

POS2020 - On Go!

  1. Access your sales data using your phone (iOs and Android)
  2. Access X and Z report.
  3. Watch latest transaction with detail data.
  4. Easy to view data using Graphs and Charts.

Customer management

  1. Manage customer and payment history
  2. Purchase history tracking helps you focus your sales efforts!


  1. Detailed X and Z report.
  2. Track sales by item, brand, type, department, distributor, or date!
  3. Access costs and profit margins in seconds!
  4. Track bottle, keg, and tap deposits!


  1. Barcode scanning of manufacturers' UPC codes ensures accurate processing.
  2. Perpetual inventory automatically updated with each sale and delivery!
  3. Multiple functions for collecting and entering inventory counts.
  4. Using iTouch you can take inventory and it will update real time. No need to doc your device or export and import.
  5. Print a variety of clear and informative shelf and product barcode labels directly from your software. We’ve created a variety of labels formats, which will print on standard Avery, or Zebra labels.
  6. Add picture to your product to easy use.


  1. Customizable security levels. Select functions and data restricted to authorized employees.
  2. Sales tracked by station or clerk.
  3. Voids, edits, deletions and discounts time stamped and tracked by employee.
  4. Product editing tracked by employee, ensuring total accountability!

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Our POS2020 Point-Of-Sale is designed for a high traffic quick processing environment where the objective is to get your customers rapidly through the process. Our software allows you to sell items at the push of a single button or scan using a barcode reader. It keeps tab of your product inventory and reminds when your inventory is low.
Liquor Store Point-Of-Sale software offers an unique insight to business owners. It provides information into patterns of sales throughout the year. It offers one-touch or scanner solution for sales allowing faster processing and provides inventory management. We understand that Inventory Management is critical to this business and hence the POS software places a lot of emphasis on managing products at hand. This is essential if you operate multi-store location where you need to manage inventory of all business from once place – something that increases your buying power allowing you to leverage a lower cost.
Our comprehensive Restaurant and Food Service Point-Of-Sale software is scaled for every type of food service business. Whether it’s a restaurant, a TO-GO food business or a simple kiosk, our POS Software is specifically designed to integrate in food business environment. Restaurant POS can either print two tickets – one for you and one for kitchen or we also support a Monitor system in the kitchen allowing the cooks to see the order on screen directly. This removes the expense of purchasing printing rolls and improves accuracy of order processing in the order it is received. This is a very popular solution within our customer base and has helped them effectively manage daily operations.
Dollar Stores and Cigar Stores Point-Of-Sale Software is an effective tool for managing your Dollar Store business all from one place. Your register not only acts as a tool to check-out customers, it also acts to control and manage your inventory. We realize that this is a key to your business and we have placed special emphasis on allowing you to manage your inventory. The POS Software also offers great flexibility in speedy check outs and one touch processing. As your inventory is sold, POS system manages your low threshold counts and triggers reminders to refill.